About MDS Iron Road

  • This website is largely based on information reviewed in the recently published “Iron overload in myelodysplastic syndromes: Evidence based guidelines from the Canadian consortium on MDS”1.
  • The Canadian Consortium on MDS (CCMDS) is a working group of Canadian hematologists with a clinical and academic interest in MDS. Activities include regular national conferences on MDS2, a national prospective MDS Patient Registry3, an on-line interactive algorithm to aid in the diagnosis, workup and management of MDS4, and critical reviews of the MDS literature5,6.
  • Here we provide a critical review of the evidence supporting a clinical benefit of iron chelation therapy (ICT) in MDS, examine all endpoints currently understood to be relevant, update clinical practice guidelines & provide practical advice on how to reduce iron overload.
  • The same comments likely apply to other acquired anemias associated with genomic instability, but the bulk of data are in MDS.